Want to Find the Most Trusted Moving Company? What to Look For

Managing a move doesn't have to be something that you lose sleep over, and hiring the right moving company can make the move more enjoyable. If you need to plan a move and you want to let experts do the work for you, a little research will go a long way.

There are several moving scams out there that you want to avoid so you don't have hassles on the big day and so your belongings aren't at risk. Here are a few things to consider when talking with moving companies in your area and getting quotes so that you can find one of the many reputable moving services out there.

See the Office Location

Does the company have an office where you can go in to get your boxes for the move, to talk with a manager or a member of the staff about their moving policies, and to verify that they are a running business? If so, stop in there and get a copy of the terms and conditions and ask about price and other information.

Ask about Bonding

If the moving company is bonded to cover $25,000 worth of valuables and they are going to move $50,000 worth of stuff from your home, they don't have enough coverage for your project. Ask how much they are covered for if there is an accident or issue during the move and also what type of worker's compensation coverage they have for their own workers so you don't pay for worker injuries at your property. Also find out how much moving coverage you have on your homeowners or rental insurance policy.

Inquire about References

A moving company should have customers that they are working with constantly. Are they able to provide you with some numbers or names of other customers that have used them recently and who would be willing to talk with you about their experience with the move? Looking at local business sites and reviews online is also helpful. The Better Business Bureau should also have information about the business.

With a great team of movers you can have your house packed up quickly and all of the items loaded with care, and then you just have to wait for everything to get unloaded and unpacked in your new living area when the project is over. Find a great moving company in your area that is highly reputable so you don't have to worry about common problems that arise when you're moving.