Best Ways To Keep Your Storage Unit Free Of Infestations

Whether you are moving or simply need to keep extra items in storage, it is imperative that you properly store your items. Part of this task involves pest-proofing items in your storage. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few of the best ways to keep your storage unit free of infestations.

Cleanliness Is King

An infestation usually comes about because insects or rodents are able to feast in a given area. Make sure that your storage unit has nothing in it that can be consumed by rodents. This means that in no circumstances can foodstuffs be stored in your storage unit. Make sure to sufficiently clean out any crumbs that may have made their home in your storage unit, as well. Insects and rodents have a very different working definition of food than humans, so it is also important that you rid your storage unit of any garbage. Finally, simply make sure that anything that you store in the unit is clean. This means furniture, clothes, and even electronics; the whole nine yards should be as clean as a whistle.


Seals should be placed in the storage unit along the entryway. Make sure that the seals are both airtight and watertight, as you do not want moisture to form in your storage unit. Moisture can create the perfect conditions for pests to make their way into your storage unit. Seals can make it near impossible for larger pests, like rats and other rodents, to invade your unit, and it can also make it more difficult for insects to access your unit, as well.

Keep Plants Out Of Your Unit

In most cases, you will not be allowed to keep plants in your storage unit. There is a good reason for this: insects can easily make their way into storage units via the soil in which your plant is buried. Plants also provide excellent coverage to insects, so keeping one in your unit can be an extreme liability.

Making sure that an infestation does not manifest itself in your storage unit should be one of the top priorities of every storage unit renter. This can create conditions that are not only inconvenient and unsanitary for you, but they can spread to other units, as well, which can make for poor conditions for other renters. To learn more, contact a company like Father & Son Moving & Storage