Tips For Moving Your Cat Across The Country

If you are feeling apprehensive about moving your cat across the country, then you are not alone. It is very common for cat owners to feel stressed out over having to make a long distance move with their furry friends. In order to alleviate your apprehension, follow these guidelines for moving your kitty:

Expose Your Cat to Moving Boxes Early

Since cats are curious creatures and can sometimes be scared by things that are foreign to them, you should place some moving boxes in your living space well before you are ready to move. Allow the cat to explore around the boxes and get used to their presence. This will help when it comes time to pack up all of your belongings into boxes.

Confine Your Cat While Your Moving Truck is Being Loaded

While your moving truck is being loaded, you should keep your cat either in their carrier or locked inside of a room. This simple action will help to keep your cat from escaping outside and delaying your move while you are out looking for them.

Place Your Cat in a Pet Carrier for Their Car Ride

You should secure your cat in a pet carrier for the time that they are inside of your moving vehicle. Place the cat carrier either between two boxes or secure it with a seat belt. Securing the carrier will ensure that if you have to stop short, then your cat will not be injured because their carrier went flying across the car. This will also help to keep you safer as well.

Don't Blast Your Stereo While You Drive

Since your cat has very sensitive hearing, you should never blast your stereo while your cat is in the car with you. Keep your car stereo at a reasonable level, just as you would if you had small children in the vehicle with you.

Carry These Items in Your Car with You

There are a few things that your cat requires when you are traveling. Make sure that before you leave your home, you have all of these items in an area of your vehicle that you can easily access:

  • cat food

  • bottled water

  • bowls

  • medication

  • toys

  • treats

  • cat box

  • litter

  • waste scoop

In addition to the above, you should also bring along your cat's favorite bed or blanket so that they have a feeling of home while on the road.

Book a Room in a Cat-Friendly Motel Before You Leave Home

Finally, you need to locate a cat-friendly motel and book a room before leaving home. This will save you a lot of stress over having to seek out and find a cat-friendly motel when you are tired from driving all day.

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