College Students And Self-Storage: 4 Things You'Ll Want To Store Before Heading Home

In the fall, students pack up their belongings from their parent's house and head off to the college campus where they'll live for the next few months. As a college student, you'll bring a lot of stuff with you, including clothes, toiletries, television, miniature fridge and maybe even some furniture. Plus, while in the dorm room, you'll begin to accumulate more and more stuff, especially books and school supplies. When it comes time to move out of the dorm for the summer, you probably don't want to take all this stuff back home with you. So, you'll need somewhere to store it. A self-storage facility is the perfect solution, as they're affordable and easily accessible. Here are a few things that you will want to consider putting in the unit and how to prepare them for storage:

1. Furniture

Your parent's place is going to have all the furniture that you need, so you won't need large, bulky furniture items. These include dressers, mattresses and futons. Before you store your mattress, make sure to use two fitted sheets and put them on either side of the mattress. This will help keep them from accumulating dust and getting dirty while in the unit. You can use your dresser as a home for some of your smaller items that you plan on storing.

2. Kitchen Stuff

You won't be needing your pots and pans, glasses, plastic containers and other dishes while you are at your parent's for the summer. These can all be lined with newspaper, bubble wrap or maybe even some of your linens or towels that you're also storing to prevent them from breaking. You can then place these in your dresser for safekeeping, or you can use sturdy boxes that you pick up from the grocery store or corner liquor store. If you opt for the boxes, make sure to leave some room at the top of the box to throw in some extra padding, which will protect it in the event that you need to stack a box on top of that one.

3. School Supplies and Books

Unless you have a summer class that you plan on taking online over the summer break, then you aren't going to be needing your books or supplies. Make sure to store your books horizontally so as to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the spines that could damage them.

4. Seasonal Clothing

It's going to be several months before you need your winter hats, gloves, scarves and coats, so go ahead and pack those up in the self-storage unit. There are a couple of tips for storing your seasonal clothing that you should follow. First, don't forget to run everything through a washing and drying cycle before placing it all in storage so that you can avoid attracting bugs. Also, while you can use airtight, plastic containers or cardboard boxes for storing these clothes, resealable vacuum bags tend to offer the most protection and save space. Plus, these bags can easily fit inside of your dresser drawers for additional protection.

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