3 Tips To Prepare Your Piano For A Move

If you are in the process of moving from one home to another, you might be worried about moving your piano. After all, a piano can be quite large and heavy, making it challenging to move, and you also have to worry about it being damaged in the process. Luckily, you can hire a piano moving service to move your piano for you, but you will need to make sure that it's properly prepared for the journey.

4 Tips For Safely Packing Books For Storage

Packing up a home full of books for a move can be a daunting process. Your books are usually either a prized possession or something you are planning on reading. It is advisable to begin the process ahead of time so you can weed out the ones that aren't really on your current reading list. 1. Label Correctly If you have a large assortment of books, it is wise to pack them however you prefer to organize them on your bookshelves.

3 Tips For Making More Efficient Use Of Your Household Movers

If you want to maximize the efficiency of your household movers, it is important to implement  some changes to the standard moving practices. By doing so, you won't be creating much extra work for yourself, and the benefits can be significant. #1-Color Code Each Person's Boxes And Room Regardless of whether you plan to use existing boxes or you will be buying them, plan to identify each box. By doing so, you will direct each box to the appropriate room, without any wasted time or effort.

Small-Space Growing Tips For Avid Gardeners

Are you an avid gardener? Have you recently moved to a new home, only to discover that there is little room for your favorite hobby? Even the smallest apartments can be used for gardening, but it's even better if you actually have a house with even a tiny yard. Here are some tips that will help you to make the most of your space and to get the flowers or vegetables that you really want:

3 Questions To Ask A Potential Moving Company That You Hire

Moving can be a stressful experience. If you have ever tried to do a move on your own you know it can be physically straining, time consuming, and expensive. This is why many people choose to hire a moving company. There are so many benefits to hiring a moving company that for most people it is the easiest and most efficient way to move. However, before you hire a moving company it is important that you ask a couple important questions.

College Students And Self-Storage: 4 Things You'Ll Want To Store Before Heading Home

In the fall, students pack up their belongings from their parent's house and head off to the college campus where they'll live for the next few months. As a college student, you'll bring a lot of stuff with you, including clothes, toiletries, television, miniature fridge and maybe even some furniture. Plus, while in the dorm room, you'll begin to accumulate more and more stuff, especially books and school supplies. When it comes time to move out of the dorm for the summer, you probably don't want to take all this stuff back home with you.

5 Tools To Have Handy On Moving Day

Moving from one place to another is one of the most stressful times in a persons life, usually. However, by preparing in the right way, you can be sure that you make this day less stressful and much more exciting. Too often, people are not prepared for their move, especially when it comes to gathering the right moving tools. Here are five moving tools to be sure you have handy on moving day:

2 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Plastic Storage Bins

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to save money and keep things organized and safe. One of the ways you can do this is by using heavy duty plastic storage totes. For many business owners, storage totes weren't the first thing on their mind. However, they are an ingenious way to save money and time. To help you learn more about how you can use these storage totes to your advantage, check out some of the information below.

Tips For Moving Your Cat Across The Country

If you are feeling apprehensive about moving your cat across the country, then you are not alone. It is very common for cat owners to feel stressed out over having to make a long distance move with their furry friends. In order to alleviate your apprehension, follow these guidelines for moving your kitty: Expose Your Cat to Moving Boxes Early Since cats are curious creatures and can sometimes be scared by things that are foreign to them, you should place some moving boxes in your living space well before you are ready to move.

Do's And Don'ts For Making A Long Distance Move With Your Dog

If you are feeling apprehensive about moving your dog across the country, then you can help to relieve your anxiety using these do's and don'ts: Do take your dog to the vet before you move and obtain a: copy of your dog's health records proof of rabies vaccination health certificate In addition, if your dog gets motion sickness in the car, then you can ask your veterinarian for a medication for motion sickness.

Best Ways To Keep Your Storage Unit Free Of Infestations

Whether you are moving or simply need to keep extra items in storage, it is imperative that you properly store your items. Part of this task involves pest-proofing items in your storage. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few of the best ways to keep your storage unit free of infestations. Cleanliness Is King An infestation usually comes about because insects or rodents are able to feast in a given area.

What To Do To Safely Store Your Winter Wheels And Tires

With winter coming to an end, you may be left with the question of what to do with your winter wheels and tires. Winter treads can be a saving grace when the roads are covered with snow and ice, but they can be an awful pain to find a place to store them without them being in your way the rest of the year. One solution to this problem is storing them in a mini storage unit.

4 Tips For Keeping Your Self Storage Unit Organized

Having a self storage unit is a great way to ensure that you can keep your items safe and stored away when you don't have a need for them at the moment. However, many people who own self storage units find that they become so disorganized that it becomes difficult to find anything when they need it again. In order to avoid this issue, you will want to consider these four tips for keeping it organized:

Keeping Spiders From Living In Your Patio Storage Box

If you have an outdoor storage box on your deck or patio area, you most likely enjoy the convenience in being able to grab a chair cushion or yard game without searching inside a shed or your home to find it. Opening the box to find webs and spiders however, can squash the convenience and make you reconsider putting your hand inside to get your needed item. To avoid this scenario, try the following steps to keep your patio storage box clean and spider-free.

Want to Find the Most Trusted Moving Company? What to Look For

Managing a move doesn't have to be something that you lose sleep over, and hiring the right moving company can make the move more enjoyable. If you need to plan a move and you want to let experts do the work for you, a little research will go a long way. There are several moving scams out there that you want to avoid so you don't have hassles on the big day and so your belongings aren't at risk.

Making Moving With Kids And Pets Less Stressful On Them

Moving with children and pets is much more complicated than moving without. There are so many additional things to consider when you have kids and animals to care for and protect from any emotional harm during the move. Below, you will find several tips that can help you get your kids and your pets relocated with as little stress possible. Timing Are you trying to decide when to move? If you have school-aged kids, you may be putting off the move until the summer because you don't want to disrupt their school year.