Making Moving With Kids And Pets Less Stressful On Them

Moving with children and pets is much more complicated than moving without. There are so many additional things to consider when you have kids and animals to care for and protect from any emotional harm during the move. Below, you will find several tips that can help you get your kids and your pets relocated with as little stress possible.


Are you trying to decide when to move? If you have school-aged kids, you may be putting off the move until the summer because you don't want to disrupt their school year. The truth is, moving during the school year can actually benefit your kids.

If you were to move into a new town during the summer vacation, it could be more difficult for your kids to meet new people and make friends. Entering a new school during the middle of the school year can be difficult, but at least the kids will have met their new peers and have the possibility of having friends to hang out with during the upcoming summer.

Now, for your fur babies – one thing you should consider is whether your dog or cat will be in heat when the time comes to move. When a dog or cat is in heat, it can make them less predictable and they could end up running off from the new home. Try to plan for the move when your pet isn't in heat to lessen the likelihood of getting lost in an unknown neighborhood.


Your kids and your pets need to maintain a regular routine before, during and after the move. As long as you can keep their routines as close to normal as possible, you will eliminate a lot of the stress associated with moving for them.

Sure, you are going to be busy with packing and preparing for the move and then unpacking and getting settled in the new home, but remember that taking a few minutes here and there to maintain the regular bed-time and morning routines can make all of the difference in how your kids and pets adapt during the move.


Hire a professional moving company to assist you with your move. You can find different levels of services offered to ensure that you get all of the help that you need at a rate that you can afford. If you are short on time, consider hiring a company that will help you pack the boxes and load the truck. If you just need help transporting things from one home to the other, hire a service just for that purpose.

Take your time making the decisions about your move. If you need help, get it and do remember to take the time to listen to your kids and watch what your pets are trying to tell you as you relocate the family. This transition can be less stressful for your kids and your pets if you just take the time to prepare and plan. See this page here for more information.