Do's And Don'ts For Making A Long Distance Move With Your Dog

If you are feeling apprehensive about moving your dog across the country, then you can help to relieve your anxiety using these do's and don'ts:

Do take your dog to the vet before you move and obtain a:

  • copy of your dog's health records
  • proof of rabies vaccination
  • health certificate

In addition, if your dog gets motion sickness in the car, then you can ask your veterinarian for a medication for motion sickness.

Don't leave home without first booking a room in a dog-friendly motel along your travel route. The last thing you want to be doing when you are tired is driving around an area you are not familiar with and looking for a room for the night that will allow you to stay with your dog.

Do bring food and water in your car for your dog. If you get separated from your household belongings, then you need to be able to give your dog food and water without having to search for a grocery store. 

Don't forget to bring along bowls for water and dog food. If you feed your dog canned food, then also make sure that you bring along a can opener.

Do keep your dog safely on a leash or in their sleeping crate while people are going in and out of your home moving boxes and loading your moving truck. You do not want your dog to get out and delay your move because you are out driving around looking for them in your neighborhood.

Don't ever move your dog in a:

  • moving truck
  • truck bed
  • trunk of a vehicle

Each of these options can kill your dog from carbon monoxide poisoning from the vehicle's exhaust.

Do place your small-size dog in a pet crate or carrier for your move. Place a larger dog on the backseat of your vehicle. Always secure a pet carrier so that it cannot slide around in your car and secure your dog using a leash and seatbelt.

Don't ever move your dog without a collar that has a tag with your name, new address, and current cell phone number. This will ensure that if your dog gets scared and runs away during a stop along the way to your new home, then the person who finds your dog can reach you and will not be trying to find you at your old address or an old phone number.

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