3 Tips For Making More Efficient Use Of Your Household Movers

If you want to maximize the efficiency of your household movers, it is important to implement  some changes to the standard moving practices. By doing so, you won't be creating much extra work for yourself, and the benefits can be significant.

#1-Color Code Each Person's Boxes And Room

Regardless of whether you plan to use existing boxes or you will be buying them, plan to identify each box. By doing so, you will direct each box to the appropriate room, without any wasted time or effort.  In addition, when two or more people will be sharing a room, each person within the room should get their own color. In that instance, if there are multiple closets, try to designate one for each person, as there will be more room to navigate larger pieces of furniture as they are unloaded. 

Conversely, since eight out every one hundred men are color blind, and professional movers tend to be male, you could mark each box with letters or numbers. Each of the above ideas will allow your movers to be more efficient because it will be easier to make sure that each box only goes where it is supposed to.

 #2-Make A Chart

It only makes sense that if you are coordinating the boxes by person and color or number, you should have a chart that identifies where each box goes, especially in larger homes. For maximum benefit, it will be helpful to expand the map into a larger image and post it at strategic locations throughout the home.

Examples of where it should be posted include where the movers will be entering and at the front of each hallway that they may be using. That way your movers have a chart to refer to as they move boxes into the new home and will not waste time by asking you where things go or putting items in the wrong room.

#3-Use The Right Boxes

It is easy to assume that the best boxes will be the free ones or the biggest ones. The truth is that free ones may not always be able to support the weight of specific items, so the ones you get from the grocery store could break apart at an inopportune time. 

Instead, choose a variety of different boxes and make sure that some of them are strong enough to support your book collection or the dishes that have been in your family for generations. In comparison, using only the biggest boxes can be problematic because overloading a wardrobe box with heavy items could diminish the efficiency of your movers. Therefore, when packing your own items, it is best to use the boxes of the right size for their bulk and weight so that your movers can make moving day more efficient for your movers.  

In conclusion, household movers are an ideal way to ease the burden of transporting your belongings from one home to the next. If you want to maximize the efficiency of your movers, the above advice will be very helpful. For help with your move, contact a moving company like Wheaton World Wide Moving.